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Damon AkinDamon Akin
15:56 27 Jul 22
Greenwood Gearhart was tasked with transitioning away from an internal IT Manager whose tribal knowledge spanned over two decades. We were used to having an on-call individual to troubleshoot and rollout tech solutions whenever necessary, and it was our intent to replicate that attention to detail with a third-party service offering that helped us to comply with regulatory and compliance requirements for data and cybersecurity within the financial services landscape.To say that Integritech met those high standards is an understatement. Jason, Alan, Matt and the rest of the Integritech team have worked with incredible diligence and detail to rollout new solutions to our team to enhance productivity all while ensuring top notch security and responsiveness. The dynamic between our team and theirs is seamless, and they are such genuine human beings who are willing to go the extra mile to make sure that your needs are met AND that you understand why the route that was taken was implemented.If you're concerned about making the jump from internal IT to managed-IT, look no further than Integritech to answer the call.
Melanie SuttonMelanie Sutton
23:18 01 Feb 22
I picked IntegriTech for several reasons: Price always matters, particularly as a start up business so that factored in but more than anything it was the time that you spent ASKING me about our business and your ability to put the technical language into a scenario that I could understand. I have the feeling that if we were not in the middle of COVID that you guys are the type of business that sits down across a table and can draw pictures and give examples and personalize the information to the project at hand. I felt very secure that you would know what we did and did not need!. Additionally you took the time to actually drive by the building, you contacted WRS for clarification before you gave me advice and the bid, and honestly earned my trust! I feel confident that I can take IT worries off my plate and concentrate on patient care!!
Jennifer ConnerJennifer Conner
15:24 13 Jan 22
I cannot say enough good things about this company! Jason Robinson went above and beyond to help me! One of my laptops crashed and I realized then I was not prepared if something like this were to happen again. I took my laptop to Integritech and he did all sorts of things to make sure if this happened again, I could keep running my business smoothly! Top notch company and I am so grateful for his help! Thanks Jason!
Rachel SmithRachel Smith
16:24 08 Jan 21
I cannot say enough good things about working with IntegriTech. I am the executive director of a summer camp, and they have taken our technology from barely stumbling along to working beautifully for us. More, the team is kind and thoughtful and so responsive. As a non-profit, we are used to second class service, but this team goes above and beyond in helping us achieve our mission. I could not recommend them more highly for all your technology needs. We consider them an invaluable part of our community. and I know if you work with them, you will too.
Anji PeacockAnji Peacock
15:05 30 Dec 20
I've had an opportunity to sit down with Jason at IntegriTech a couple of times and he really knows his stuff! He's helped me to understand the different areas where my company's online security may be at risk and he has also given me plenty of options to fix it. If you own a business, I highly recommend sitting down with Jason, or someone on the will not regret it!

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Has your IT partner failed to deliver for your business?

Does your current IT provider follow the same tired old script, waiting until there’s an issue before responding? It is easy for providers to get stuck in a rut providing basic maintenance support.

Many also fail to tailor solutions to conform to the unique operational environments of their clients, often shoehorning a product they sell into an organization which would be better served by something else.

Does downtime affect your team's productivity?
Do you need an IT partner who can help you develop your tech strategy?
Lost in a fog of bewildering tech jargon?

Many IT providers offer a limited range of off-the-shelf solutions in the manner of a car salesman. Often giving little thought to how these solutions meet the needs of their clients. We're different.

Through our vCIO service we can work with you to develop and implement a commercially-astute technology roadmap for your organization. We'll explore every avenue and help you find optimal, bespoke solutions configured to address the unique challenges your face.

We sympathize! Nothing is more frustrating than a poorly maintained IT system which crashes at the most inconvenient moment. IT providers often neglect maintenance responsibilities, resulting in buggy software that's prone to failure.

At IntegriTech our managed service offering is second to none. We can pinpoint vulnerabilities across your tech environment, and apply fixes in a timely manner. Proactively managing all aspects of network infrastructure - from server stacks to mobile endpoint devices - you can rely on us to ensure your hardware/software is patched, configured for optimum security and equipped with the most effective anti-virus solutions.

Dedicated helpdesks can be costly to operate and IT providers will pass on these costs to their clients in the form of exorbitant fees. At IntegriTech our priority is ensuring the robustness of your IT so that issues won't arise to begin with.

However, should you need assistance our top techs will be on-hand 24/7 via a phone call or through our help desk support portal. You can be assured of the best technical support when you need it, without the cost burden of traditional help desk oriented support.

Some IT providers wrongly believe that data security is beyond their scope, and therefore take a lax approach. IntegriTech knows the serious implications a data breach can have on your organization.

To ensure a watertight data environment, we work with all our clients to develop and deploy a security action plan. By installing firewalls and antivirus protection on your endpoint hardware, we can prevent malicious intrusion as well as configure remote devices for maximum security.


What do you require from your IT provider?

We craft solutions and tailor support packages which are receptive to the current difficulties our clients face, while always planning for the future. Guided by our core values of trust, integrity and care, we seek to build enduring partnerships by placing your aims and ambitions at the core of our mission.


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Offering unparalleled scalability, flexibility and cost-efficiency, we’ll help you capitalise on the transformative potential of cloud computing.

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Our compelling business VoIP offer brings the functionality of a traditional enterprise-grade phone system (and more) without the maintenance and costly infrastructure setup.
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From backups and anti-virus protection to endpoint management and firewalls, we can fortify your data environment and help you meet all your compliance obligations.


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