Backup Addon

Your business depends on the fidelity of your data systems more than ever before, and no matter how well you protect your network eventually something will happen that you haven’t foreseen. In this day and age, data loss isn’t just an inconvenience. It can have a serious financial impact on your business or even result in legal action. To manage your risk, you need to assure that your data is available and retrievable when the worst happens.


What is a data backup and disaster recovery plan?

No matter how much you invest in the protection of your network, eventually a system will go down. Hardware malfunctions, power failure, and network intrusion can all take you by surprise. Malware and ransomware attacks are on the rise, holding the vital data and intellectual property of the biggest corporations in the world hostage. A viable disaster recovery plan requires a set of policies, procedures, and tools to enable recovery of data or the continuation of your vital IT infrastructure during and after any natural or man-made disaster. At IntegriTech, we combine our Managed Services with this recommended addon that backs up data to cloud storage whether the data is stored on the server or an individual workstation. Depending on business need, choose from either a Complete Backup or a Document Backup.

Document Backup

Document Backup will safely protect any common document types found on your machine, including but not limited to: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Text, PDF, etc.

Complete Backup

Complete Backup is total protection for a system. This backup type will copy all data offsite to the cloud and includes options for archiving.


Simple, Secure, Reliable
  • 1. Identify Critical Systems

  • 2. Schedule Cloud Backup

  • 3. Monitor Health

– SBA found that over 90 percent of companies fail within 2 years of being struck by a disaster

– Self-reported SMB survey shows that unplanned downtime can cost up to $8,600/hour

– Average cost of a data loss incident is approximately $4,000

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