Consulting & Vendor Relationships

In businesses your relationships are everything. When it comes to IT, vendors help you to meet ever-changing needs as the market shifts under your feet and technology races on. Owners and operators of small and medium-sized businesses rely on vendor relationships to alleviate the constant strain on financial and technological resources as they try to keep up with the competition. It is easy to feel like you are just scrambling and that things are spinning out of your control when all you want to do is focus on your business. This is where we can help you untangle the knot of vendors that keep your business going.


IntegriTech offers Consulting & VRM (Vendor Relationships Management) services to help you demystify this process and get the most out of these relationships. We align IT strategies with your business objectives to increase efficiencies and produce tangible results. Our decades of experience driving projects, designing, and implementing solutions equip us to guide your business through any challenge.


  • IT Risk assessment and mitigation
  • Technology transformation through strategic vision and planning
  • Optimize existing infrastructure through consolidation, virtualization and process improvement
  • Project management and technical services engagements
  • Transition to Managed Services model
  • Compliance adherence
  • Break/Fix support for non-contract customers
  • Vendor communication and relationship management

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