Does Your Business Need a Password Management Tool?

Keeping up with the ever-increasing number of passwords needed for so many different logins can be a daunting task. To negate this, many people use the same password for many different logins. While this may be more convenient, it poses a large personal and business security risk. As a result, password management tools are a solution that an ever-increasing number of small and medium-size businesses are turning to.


Password managers are extremely secure, eliminating the need to remember large numbers of different logins. By design, they generate strong passwords that are virtually impossible to guess, while storing them in an encrypted vault. They also won’t disrupt an employee’s workflow as they fill in all login credentials.


One very highly rated password management tool which many businesses use is LastPass. This password manager is feature-rich and is very easy to use. New employees are easily onboarded and existing employees enjoy the secure mobility they often need.


While this is not a product review, looking at the features and advantages of LastPass will shed some light on the benefits of password management tools in general.


Password Sharing


There is oftentimes the need for employees to share their passwords with fellow employees. For example, employees collaborating on a project often find it convenient to share passwords. This can pose a security risk in some instances, so LastPass features Blind Share, which allows a password to be shared without the other user ever actually seeing the password.


Random Passwords for All Sites


LastPass will generate an individual password for every site, which provides very strong data security. If one site is breached and the password captured, the passwords for other sites remain secure.


Multi-Factor Authentication


LastPass’ mobile app allows users to have the full benefit of password management tool security while they’re away from the office. They are afforded access to secure online services as LastPass utilizes 6-digit generated passcodes, SMS codes, and push-notifications for multi-factor authentication.


Remember Only One Password


Many employees keep passwords for multiple sites in their smartphone. They do this because there are just too many to remember. This poses a security risk if the phone is lost and is ultimately hacked. A password management tool requires a user to know just one password to unlock the encrypted password vault, and It’s also as easy as using a fingerprint to unlock it.


Browser Extensions


Through extensions available for all major web browsers, users are easily able to access the websites they need to. No matter which browser a company prefers, the login process is streamlined.


Team Sharing


LastPass Teams is used by many businesses that want to share a password management tool among different groups or departments. It allows for the safe sharing of passwords, a separate password vault for each employee, the ability to quickly and easily add and remove employees, and set different controls and restrictions by team.


In the digital age, a password management tool is a necessity for any business wishing to enhance its data security, and that of its employees. Easy to implement and easy to use, IntegriTech can help your business improve security today. Ask us about it today.

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