IT Support & Managed Services


Stable and secure IT that supports business success.

Many IT providers get complacent, offering the most minimal level of support to their clients, whether it is slow, inexpert technical support or ineffective system maintenance.

Ultimately, it is end users and clients who suffer most. The result is exasperated employees unable to get on with the job at hand due to faulty tech; and unhappy clients, who suffer the effects of unreliable IT through poor communication and disrupted service delivery.

At IntegriTech, we understand the damage, disruption, and inconvenience poor IT can cause. For the most demanding business environments, our Managed Service and Support offerings are designed to prioritize end-user experience and deliver peerless network performance.

Is excessive downtime proving a productivity drag?
Is a glitchy system causing frustration?
Feeling abandoned by unresponsive technical support?
Perplexed by technical jargon?


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For an indepedent and impartial review of your technology, combined with our expert opinion on how IT can better support the growth and evolution of your business; inquire to schedule your free technology review.


Our Solutions


We’ll optimize your settings for security and performance, while ensuring software fixes are applied in a timely manner to keep your systems stable and secure. Unimpeded by slow, glitchy tech, your team will be able to focus without interruption.


Through preventative actions we aim to eliminate the vast majority of issues before they cause end-user problems. But should you need support, our expertise is on-hand 24/7 via a phone call or through our support portal.

Budget Friendly

We offer a fixed fee plan per user as well as Co-Management and Infastructure.

Whatever you’re looking to achieve, we can devise a managed support plan that aligns with your aims and budget constraints.

Strategy Driven

Should you desire any advice or guidance relating to technology our consultancy division can bring the expertise to give life to your ideas. We’ll explore new avenues, and work to integrate new solutions into your current framework in a way that minimizes disruption.
No problem! We can take command of every root and branch of your network from server stacks right down to peripheral devices and desktops. We'll optimize, secure and repair from the top down.
We understand! We have a passion for tech but we know not everyone does. We'll invest time in ensuring you understand the assistance we're providing. Transparency is very important to us, and that means ensuring our clients are onboard and part of the decision-making process.
We're always looking for ways to save our clients money! If you already have in-house techies we can fill any expertise gaps you might have without stepping on the toes of your awesome team. If your IT demands are low, we can offer hourly billed services; think of it as a system check-up designed to keep your network in good health.
Proactive network maintenance is the first line of defense in data security. We'll apply patches to fix security bugs in your system to keep the bad guys at bay. We'll also manage your anti-virus subscriptions on your behalf, so all your devices will have anti-malware capabilities.


What do you need from your managed service provider?