Managed Services

With over 30 years of managed services experience with companies at the top of the Fortune 500, we pride ourselves on providing IT services for companies in all stages of development. Our three tiers of service plans are highly adaptable and can scale to meet the unique needs of your company.

IT for businesses of all sizes

Standard Management

A plan to meet your needs. Hourly billing for specific services including network management, server management, or workstation management.

Advanced Management

Best for start-ups or businesses which don’t have an in-house IT team. This plan provides complete management of your IT infrastructure, from network level down to individual workstations.


A perfect fit for companies with an on-site IT department on site but requiring additional support to improve productivity. This plan can include help desk support for daily operations or a strategic role in expanding capabilities to meet your growing IT infrastructure requirements. Allows your in-house team to focus on business goals while we provide technical support.

Managed Services


Every workstation in every office has a vital function. When one goes down, it can make business grind to a halt. You can ensure that every workstation is fully updated, patched, and ready for work with IntegriTech Workstation Management. Your hardware and software requirements will be handled by professionals who will take care of all performance tuning, cloud backup, and antivirus subscription issues. We keep your technology working for you, so you can work with your technology.


You rely on your network, and your ability to function. With so many reasons for concern, ranging from network fidelity to concerns about data security, you need a technology partner with a strong background in top-down management. IntegriTech Network Management begins with analyzing your network topology to build a comprehensive plan to reduce risk while improving network performance and reliability.


Whether you use a cloud, virtual, or physical server, you need this throbbing heart of your IT infrastructure to be in good hands. You need to safeguard your systems from security breaches, software bugs, and malware every moment of every day. IntegriTech Server Management can take all aspects of running your server, from maintenance to patches and updates, off your plate and let you focus on business.

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