New vs Refurbished Computers: What to Remember When Making your Selection

From time to time, every company needs to update its digital infrastructure. For most, this is a major expenditure, and usually, organizations will procure a batch of devices and perform swap-outs for different departments or employees. While this is not ideal, as technology continues to improve it remains a necessary process.

The Benefits of Purchasing Refurbished Computers

Purchasing a refurbished computer allows you to get a like-new computer at a fraction of the cost of a new computer, without compromising performance. Many Fortune 100 companies cycle out older model PCs every three years for the latest and greatest versions. These companies will sell their older models to resellers who refurbish the units and make them available for purchase again. The resell price of these devices is typically 30 to 40% less than a brand-new computer.

Companies looking to take advantage of these reduced prices need to ensure that they buy from a reputable refurbisher. As long as a quality supplier refurbished the unit, there will be no noticeable difference between a refurbished PC and a brand-new model.

Things to look for when buying a refurbished computer include:

  • Buy only from reputable refurbishers that provide a warranty.
  • Ask for a list of replaced components and hardware.
  • Check that the company replaced the faulty components with OEM or equivalent quality products.

Some refurbished computers may even perform better than their counterparts as the replacement components may constitute as an upgrade of the original computer. While we believe that the rewards of purchasing refurbished computers far outweigh the risks, it’s important to reiterate that it’s essential to find a reputable reseller that provides no less than a 1-year warranty.

Refurbished Computers are Quality Graded

For each refurbished PC, the company will provide a grade regarding the quality of the rebuild. When choosing a refurbished PC, it is important to know what each grade means.

Grade R Refurbished PCs

A Grade R refurbished computer is the highest quality rating. They are considered like new.

Grade A Refurbished PCs

These computers will have no scratches or any visible damage and are also considered like new.

Grade B Refurbished PCs

Grade B computers will have light scratches or dents on the housing but were fully tested and quality cleared for resale.

Grade C Refurbished PCs

With Grade C refurbished computers, there will be noticeable damage on the outer casings or housing, but will still be entirely functional.

Grade D Refurbished PCs

The lowest grade of refurbished PCs. These have extensive cosmetic damage and are only ideal for parts.

Which Grade Should Organizations Opt For?

When purchasing refurbished PCs for your company, the best option is grade A. As noted above, these units have minimal cosmetic damage and therefore resellers cannot sell them as brand-new.

For more information for a cost-effective solution when upgrading your company’s PCs, speak to one of IntegriTech’s experts to assist you today.

Happy Savings!

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