Remote Support

Computers, mobile devices, and the internet have transformed the modern workplace. However, when it comes to hardware, IT networks, and mobile communications everything doesn’t always go smoothly. When technical difficulties are experienced, your productivity and profitability can grind to a halt. Keeping your employees working without unnecessary disruptions requires technical support, but full-time tech support staff can be a budget-buster. A single entry-level Help Desk Technician can easily exceed $20.00 per hour and top-flight IT professionals will cost significantly more. Our goal in providing you with remote support for your IT services is to allow you access to top techs only when you need them without the need to staff a help desk. Our support line is available for individual employee support or to respond to emergencies 24/7. Keep your business working at peak performance without needing to pay peak costs.


Simple, Secure, Reliable
  • 1. Problem

  • 2. Support Call

  • 3. Repair Complete

This simple, efficient, and effective solution can give your employees the help they need at the push of a button. The full-service IntegriTech Help Desk Portal also provides issue tracking and a knowledge base to ensure that solutions to common problems are at your fingertips.

Our remote support technology enables us to provide all the support you need in the most cost-effective manner possible. In the course of a normal day, an employee that is experiencing difficulty can submit a request through a message or chat function and enable a remote connection that will permit the administrator to help them work through problems no matter what the cause is. This service is available for all of our managed service plans and can help new employees just learning your systems and experienced professionals who are dealing with bugs in the system or persistent error messages. The tech support professional sees everything that the employee sees so that there is no miscommunication and they can even troubleshoot problems by remotely operating the system. This can cut down significantly on in-person service calls and deal with minor technical glitches before they result in a significant delay.

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