IT services for all industries

Our staff can be deeply involved in your technology day-to-day or take a back seat and handle issues when they arise. Proactive or reactive, we have you covered.

Why Choose Us

An IT company built on personal relationships

24 / 7

With our 24×7 Managed Help Desk option, we’re available to our clients seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

30 years Fortune 100

We have 30+ years of diversified technology experience serving fortune 100 companies.

Local Office

We are located in Bentonville, AR and we serve the entire Northwest Arkansas Area.

Professional Staff

At IntegriTech, We only hire the best and brightest who take pride in building relationships with clients
Knowledgeable and fast responses to any tech issues we have. They work with integrity and make you feel comfortable with face to face advice. Highly recommend this company for the great work ethic and always looking for the best options to serve your company better
Cameron Martz
Cameron Martz
14:10 10 Jul 19
IntegriTech has been an incredible asset to my office - decreasing downtime while improving productivity and connectivity.Alan, Jason, Tyler, and the entire team at IntegriTech carry themselves with extreme professionalism and dedication to their craft. Their passion for technology and improving productivity has been evident from the first walk-through they conducted in our office. When technology issues arise, an IntegriTech team member responds quickly, thoroughly reviews the issue, and works to a solution. They do not stop until the issue is totally resolved. I am grateful for IntegriTech's services and am excited to continue working with them for many years to come.
Bryan Casillas
Bryan Casillas
15:24 16 May 19
IntegriTech has been amazing! All too often in the IT world, when a problem arises, many are quick to evaluate, and if a problem is not exactly within their scope, the answer is "it's not my problem." No new solutions are given. Not so with IntegriTech. This company will stand in the gap and not give up until something is done! Very innovative and responsive to our needs.
Ozark Pediatrics
Ozark Pediatrics
15:09 17 Dec 18
If you are searching for IT services that take care of your IT Infrastructure , then let me tell you that you can't go wrong by choosing Integritech. They are Amazing! They go above and beyond to provide quality, lasting IT Support solutions that really work, plus they are honest, kind people!
Christian De la Rosa
Christian De la Rosa
14:55 17 Dec 18
Jason and the Integritech team is constantly going above and beyond. I have never worked with such a knowledgeable and relatable IT staff in the past. I would definitely recommend Jason and his team to anyone.
James Watt
James Watt
18:35 04 Dec 18
Jason & Integritech have been a Godsend to our company. I'm not sure how they're able to pull it off, but after each interaction with them, my expectation increases, and despite that, they continue to exceed expectation EVERY time. I didn't know IT people could impact a business so dramatically.
Brad Vinson
Brad Vinson
15:10 04 Dec 18
This company surely chose the correct name for their business! They are refreshingly honest and extremely knowledgeable. Jason Robinson has a heart of gold and, despite being incredibly smart and hard-working, he's also exceptionally humble. Many people can take care of your technology needs but Jason is someone you can fully trust to handle it with the utmost integrity. Contact IntegriTech today! You won't be disappointed!
Gretchen Sawyer
Gretchen Sawyer
17:39 21 Sep 18
I highly recommend Jason and his team. They are amazing!
Victor Gurel
Victor Gurel
17:38 21 Jun 18
When IntergriTech is presented with a problem, they are determined to do whatever it takes to find a solution. Real IT wizards.
Edwin Reyes
Edwin Reyes
17:20 21 Jun 18
Nathan Harris
Nathan Harris
20:26 21 Feb 18

Our Pillars

Our company thrives because we are true to our
values in our business practices.

Total Trust

Trust goes both ways, and when you put your trust in us we protect your data and network integrity as if it was our own.

Integrity Always

Integrity can be defined by what you do when no one is watching. Our goal is for you to never need to worry about your network.

Genuine Care

“Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care”. Listening to our customer is our greatest responsibility; we seek first to understand.

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