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Embrace the future of business telephony with VoIP.

By far the greatest benefit of VoIP technology is its ability to send voice data over any internet connection. With VoIP, you can extend your phone system to as many employees as you need, without expanding your infrastructure.

VoIP also offers significant cost savings over traditional telephony, especially when calling overseas! A phone line can be added or removed without modifying any hardware. And as if all this wasn’t enough, VoIP systems come packed with productivity features as standard.

Is your traditional PBX proving costly to maintain?

Struggling to adapt your phone system to the changing needs of your business?
Looking for a way to bring telephony to your remote workers?
Does your phone system lack the features and capabilities needed by your team?


Business Connectivity Solutions

GoTo flexibility

No matter the stage of your business, GoTO offers the flexibility and freedom to quickly adjust plans as and when you scale up

Effective pricing

VoIP has the potential to massively reduce your phone bills. Expect to save up to 40% on local and as much as 90% on international calls.


Without the installation and maintenance costs associated with a traditional phone system, VoIP could save you a small fortune in the long run.

Feature rich telephony

Innovative features such as Interactive voice response (IVR), voice to text/email, teleconferencing and automated announcements can easily be integrated into VoIP systems.


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You've come to the right place! VoIP lets your business leverage a single contact number; calls can be transferred to out-of-office employees as though they were at their desks. Accessible via software on most internet-capable devices, your remote team members need never feel cut off again.
By opting for cloud-hosted VoIP you can free yourself from bulky, high-maintenance on-premise server infrastructure.
So long as you have a reasonable internet connection, VoIP will likely prove as reliable (if not more) than a traditional phone system. The bandwidth demands of VoIP are low, so it's unlikely to put too much strain on your connection.


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